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Few injuries are intended.  Most happen because someone is careless or failed to take proper precautions to protect others.  Under the law, those responsible for such injuries are at fault and responsible for the damages they cause to others. 

Personal Injury

Few injuries are intended. Most happen because someone was careless. The response of the insurance company responsible to pay for an injury, however, is intended. It is intended to get the best possible deal for the insurance company.

The law says those who carelessly cause injuries must pay the damages. Insurance companies train their adjusters to use every advantage to get injured people to settle their claims before they understand their rights and how severe their injury is. Although the insurance adjuster is often polite and friendly, his job is to get you to accept as little money as possible for your injury and to sign a release giving up your rights as quickly as possible. Adjusters are carefully trained by insurance company lawyers on how to get information from you to fight your claim. Most injured people don’t have legal training and don’t know their legal rights. Adjusters are professionals who have negotiated against hundreds or even thousands of injured people. Unless you have an attorney, you stand alone.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases

A catastrophic injury is a severe, life threatening injury that may involve the spine, spinal cord, brain, loss of limbs or eyesight caused by another person’s negligence. They may be short-term or permanently life-altering. These injuries can occur in any number of ways other than medical care. More common causes involve auto/truck/train accidents (personal or commercial), falls, pedestrian accidents, fires or explosions, and dangerous buildings or equipment.

You followed your doctor’s advice and went in for a blood test, a mammogram or other test. You trust that your doctor will quickly share the results with you and will act on any potentially important finding.

Immediate treatment can be vital. When critical results of any scan, lab, or pathology report are not properly and quickly communicated, serious harm can result. Treatment can be delayed, cancer can go undiagnosed, a tumor may double or triple in size before the patient notices its effects.

You trust your doctors to have the experience and expertise to correctly order, interpret, and respond to make sure you get the treatment you need. When they fail, the result can be a disaster for you and your family. We routinely review medical records and work with experts to help you understand whether you have a valid claim for an incorrect diagnosis of an injury or illness.

Spinal cord injuries can cause full or partial paralysis, and loss of bowel, bladder or sexual function.

Spinal cord injuries can paralyze and disable. These injuries require special medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies. We have worked with leading spinal cord rehabilitation experts in the United States, to help our clients evaluate the treatment and care our clients will need. 

Presenting legal claims for spinal cord injuries requires knowledge of the full impact paralysis, or loss of bowel, bladder or sexual function can have on spinal injury victims. Whether a spinal cord injury is caused by direct trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident or catastrophic injury, we have the knowledge, experience, and medical experts to help you maximize your financial recovery.

Was your spinal cord caused by surgical injury failure of doctors to promptly treat a minor injury and prevent the development of permanent spinal cord damage? Then your case may be considered a medical malpractice case. Please visit our medical malpractice page to learn more.

We invite you to look in the Results section of this website for examples of recoveries we have made for our clients who have suffered spinal cord injuries.

Families who have lost a loved one because of another’s carelessness need special attention.
Without an experienced legal team, the stress of legal proceedings can be too much for the family to manage.

When a loved one dies because of another’s carelessness, the victims suffer twice. Not only has a life been lost, but the survivors live with the painful knowledge that the death was unnecessary. Representing families who have lost a loved one requires special attention to the needs of the survivors well beyond making a legal claim for damages. Unless attorneys and their staff are experienced in working with bereaved families, the stress of legal proceedings can make the grief naturally experienced with the death of a loved one unbearable.

We have successfully represented many families in making legal claims for the wrongful deaths of husbands, wives, parents and children. Our attorneys and paralegals are sensitive to the overall needs of our clients in these most difficult of circumstances. We understand the financial burden of needing to replace a breadwinner’s income and pay medical and funeral bills while coping with the despair of losing a spouse, child or parent. 

Our priority is you. We have extensive experience in protecting large wrongful death recoveries from financial risk. If the need arises, we can work closely with finance companies to “structure” all or part of a wrongful death recovery to provide lifetime monthly payments to replace a wage earner’s income, to provide college educations for children and security in retirement, in addition to cash payments at the time of settlement or trial.

If you have suffered the death of a loved one, we are ready and able to determine if there are grounds for making a legal claim. If so, we can represent you with compassion and understanding while bringing the wrongdoers to Justice in a court of law.

How long will my case take?

Each personal injury case has unique factors that can influence the expediency of a settlement. 

We believe that having a good understanding of the process can help you and your family emotionally prepare for the journey ahead of you. 

Our team has the experience to keep you informed and prepared for the financial and emotional expectations that occur throughout your case. Before we can set a timeline, we need to schedule an initial consultation.

If you feel you have a case, use our contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our paralegals.

In the meantime, please gather together any paperwork relevant to your claim. From there, our paralegals may request access to your medical records prior to doing thorough medical research. We may also require consultation with experts in the field. This can take time.

We will keep you informed every step of the way.

What are the monetary limits of my claim?

In a personal injury case you are entitled to recover money for damages you have suffered.  They include:

Economic Damages –

  • Medical expenses (past and those predictable in the  future)
  • Lost wages (past and future if you are unable to work)
  • Out of pocket expenses, travel expenses, replacement of services
  • Personal Care Attendant expenses

Non-Economic Damages-

  • Pain and Suffering caused by injury
  • Loss of companionship and the impact on family members the injury has caused

In Montana, personal injury claims do not have statutory limits on the amount of economic or  non economic damages you can recover. Your recovery may be limited to the amount of insurance available.   Our firm can assist in determining these limits from policies available.

People really need to have closure and know that justice has been done and a wrong has been righted.​

They really, honestly evaluate the cases. Other lawyers in the industry appreciate that the attorneys at BD Law were honest and were going to do their job. They’re not going to take a case based on money. They take cases that they believe in and that at the end of it all, there is going to be something there to compensate them. People really need to have closure and know that justice has been done and a wrong has been righted.​

Why Buxbaum Daue?

Through many years of hard work, our practice has been successful. Although we are happy to talk to all people who seek our help, we are asked to take many more cases than we can accept. When we accept a personal injury case, we invest our own money to pay for the cost of bringing the case to settlement or trial. This is often tens of thousands of dollars. We aggressively pursue every case we take. If we do not succeed in making a recovery, our client owes us nothing. We don’t get paid until and unless our client makes a recovery.

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