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Do I have a medical negligence case?

Medical negligence cases come in all shapes and sizes. No two cases are exactly alike. Talking your case through with a legal professional that specializes in these complex cases, will help you determine if you have a viable claim. Please use the Contact form to provide us with some initial information.

Why should I choose Buxbaum Daue law office?            

Yes, your story is important. We want to hear your story and provide you with answers and your legal options. We will carefully evaluate your claim and advise you so you can make the best decisions going forward for you and your family.

Why should I choose Buxbaum Daue law office?            

Buxbaum Daue has decades of experience advocating for patients that have been injured or died, due to medical negligence in Montana.  Each and every case is important to us.  You will work with a very compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring Team.  We will review your claim and provide you with answers, without cost or obligation.

Have I waited too long to talk to make a legal claim of medical negligence?

The law in Montana states that an injured patient must make their claim within two years from the date of the alleged negligence.   Failure to do so, may forfeit your right to bring a claim.  There are few exceptions.  The time period for claims made on behalf of a child is calculated differently.  We can determine whether your claim is within the  Statute of Limitations under Montana law.

What if I don’t have money to pay for an attorney?

We accept all cases on a contingency fee basis. We also pay all costs associated with bringing your claim. You will never receive a bill from our office. We are reimbursed our case costs and will receive a percentage of the recovery awarded to you through settlement or verdict.

What can I accomplish by bringing a lawsuit in a medical negligence claim?

Every client has their own personal and emotional reasons for going forward with a medical negligence claim.
• Justice
• Accountability
• Change
• Payment/reimbursement for damages

How long will my case take?

The legal process for a medical negligence case can sometimes take years to complete. However, most medical negligence cases are settled at mediation before a trial. Your Team at Buxbaum Daue will be at your side guiding you through every step along the way.

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