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Personal Injury

  • Most injuries happen because someone was careless.
  • Insurance adjusters know that most injured people don’t have legal training and don’t know their legal rights.
  • We will be honest about whether it makes sense financially for you to hire an attorney.

Few injuries are intended. Most happen because someone was careless. The response of the insurance company responsible to pay for an injury, however, is intended. It is intended to get the best possible deal for the insurance company.

The law says those who carelessly cause injuries must pay the damages. Insurance companies train their adjusters to use every advantage to get injured people to settle their claims before they understand their rights and how severe their injury is. Although the insurance adjuster is often polite and friendly, his job is to get you to accept as little money as possible for your injury and to sign a release giving up your rights as quickly as possible. Adjusters are carefully trained by insurance company lawyers on how to get information from you to fight your claim. Most injured people don’t have legal training and don’t know their legal rights. Adjusters are professionals who have negotiated against hundreds or even thousands of injured people. Unless you have an attorney, you stand alone.

A personal injury lawyer’s first duty is to be honest with you about whether you have a valid claim. Any lawyer who promises you results without learning about you and your case is not being honest. At Buxbaum Daue, we believe that it is the lawyer’s responsibility to investigate the case and to pay for the investigation. We never ask our clients for money to investigate their case.

Through many years of hard work, our practice has been successful. Although we are happy to talk to all people who seek our help, we are asked to take many more cases than we can accept. When we accept a personal injury case, we invest our own money to pay for the cost of bringing the case to settlement or trial. This is often tens of thousands of dollars. We aggressively pursue every case we take. If we do not succeed in making a recovery, our client owes us nothing. We don’t get paid until and unless our client makes a recovery.

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