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Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
“We would like to thank you for everything you have done for [us and our grandchildren]. Coping with the loss of [our daughter] is a struggle, but because of your hard work and dedication to this case, our grandchildren will have a trust fund set up for them…. We take great comfort in this. Your professionalism and caring manner were always apparent in our conversations with you. We also appreciated you always taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us if we had questions or concerns. As we begin to bring closure and attempt to move forward, we will be forever appreciative for your help in getting a fair and just settlement. Thank you very much for everything.”
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"You and your staff are about the greatest most efficient group of people that I have EVER had the privilege to know. God Bless You."
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"My mom and I received the letter from Mr. Buxbaum today regarding my  dad.  I wanted to let you know that we very much appreciate your  efforts in reviewing the information and letting us know that there is  not a case in this instance.  We certainly do not want to pursue a case  that would be unsuccessful or doesn't have basis.  We just wanted, and  hoped, that there was a rational reason that this occurred.  Again, we  appreciate your advice and direction.  We also deeply appreciate the  fact that Mr. Buxbaum did not charge us for the review and advice.  My  mom's income has basically been cut in half and we are struggling to get  back to some normalcy. Not having another bill is of great help. Thanks  again."
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"Thank you for the settlement check. As you would expect, we plan to make the best of our tragic loss. This will go a long way toward ensuring quality educations for our children and helping my family in numerous other ways. [This] wasn’t simply another legal matter, another case, another piece of business for your firm....I hope you have the deep feeling of satisfaction that I do; that we fought the good fight and won; that justice, as far as it can be achieved, was done; that we proved that my father’s life was worth something and that our loss was real. Keep up the good work. Keep helping folks who need and deserve it. When your work becomes oppressive, as it must, think about this case and let it renew your fighting spirit. Thank you from my heart..."
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"We want to thank each and every one of you for the kindness and consideration you gave our whole family. It was always reassuring to see your friendly faces no matter how difficult the situation might have been.”
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"Thank you for all your help and time invested in my case, I do truly appreciate it more than you know. God bless you.”
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"How is it even possible to begin to tell you all how much of a difference you have made in my shattered life? May our Lord God bless you all for your unbelievable help, compassion, dedication and experience in helping someone like me... I will recommend you to every one I ever meet if their needs meet your specialty of practice. God bless you all. I just do not know how I can ever repay your kindness, help and compassion. You will always be in my prayers. “
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"You guys are all so amazing! ....I have been totally blown away by the kindness and professionalism of everyone at your firm. So happy that the boys and I have such a fantastic team advocating for us....please share my gratitude with your colleagues.”
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"Words cannot express how much we appreciate your particular talents and fine skills as we brought the lawsuit to a successful conclusion. Thank you. Thank you for being so very kind and understanding.”
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"These words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you and your staff for the personal attention you have shown our family since the loss of our father....Dealing with your firm was like a breath of fresh air. You were able to communicate with us on our level, you laid out our options clearly and concisely, your advise was sound and your strategies proven. We could not have found better counsel anywhere! Your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten. “
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated you representing me over the past few years. You both gained my deepest trust which allowed me to easily open my life to you. Thank you so much.”
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"Thank you ...[This settlement] is a life changer for me and I appreciate all of your continued efforts. Thanks for expediting things! Your grateful client....”
Law Offices of Buxbaum Daue PLCC
"We just wanted to thank you ... and your team again! We're still in amazement and very thankful... We were so exhausted when we got home I ordered Chinese and we stayed home and talked about how incredible it was to finally have someone present and listen to our story. Last night was the best night of sleep I've had in a few years. Please pass our thanks on! "

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