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Brain Injuries

  • Brain injury can lead to a lifetime need for special care and attention.
  • A brain injury case requires specialized legal assistance.

Whether it is stroke, bleeding, swelling of the brain, motor vehicle accident trauma, or any other condition limiting oxygen and blood supply to the brain, every minute is precious. It is often said that “time is brain.” Brain injury can lead to a lifetime need for special care and attention.

The human brain is the most complicated organ system in our known universe. Recovery from brain injury is a process, not an event. Legally proving the relationship between different types of brain injuries and the resulting outcomes – ranging from subtle personality changes to massive paralysis – requires legal specialization.

Our firm has successfully represented people with many types of brain injury, including closed head injuries, strokes, hemorrhages and swelling from trauma, and interruption of necessary supplies of blood and oxygen. These cases include some of the largest settlements in the history of our State.

The need for specialized legal assistance to successfully handle the brain injury case does not end with the recovery of fair compensation. These cases and the settlements they require often involve the need for sophisticated settlement arrangements suitable to the special needs of people suffering brain injury. We have experience in working with doctors, therapists, residential care specialists, annuity companies, trust companies and others to assist our brain injured clients after their cases are settled. We provide specialized and professional legal assistance in handling all aspects of claims caused by these devastating injuries.


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